A Man Tried To Use A Fake Arm To Get His Vaccination Card And I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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What do you do when you have to do something you don’t want to do? You bring along a fake arm of course!

At least that’s what a man did when he did not want to get the Covid-19 vaccination! He sure wanted his certificate though.

This 50 year old man showed up with a silicone arm to get proof of a vaccination without actually having to take the shot. But the nurse administering the shot noticed something was…off.

After speaking with him, the man admitted that it was not his actual prosthetic arm, and that he was using it to get out of getting the shot.

Because of the “Green Pass” in Italy, you are unable to go many places without proof of vaccination so this man tried to take matters into his own hands and failed. What are your thoughts?

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