How To Deal With Frontier Communications

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Recently, Frontier communications bought out Verizon Fios in Florida, Texas and California for billions of dollars. through all of this, Fios customers caught up in the switchover are stuck in the middle of an insane mess of service outages, bills more than double what they should be, and no way to log in to check their accounts or even figure out who to talk to.

I tried to move my internet this past month from my old house to the new, and after being told it would take three weeks to move my service, then having an entire week of missed appointments from them, I know how to get ahold of Frontier Communications when my internet is messed up.

frontier communications customer service number

Now, here’s the deal. The phone number they give you on all your bills, their website, and everywhere else, is NOT the phone number you want to call to get a real person from Frontier Communications to help you with your internet outage. I spent 5 days on hold, 3+ hours a day trying to get them to help me out. They promised me my ticket was escalated, they assured me that they would send someone out first thing in the morning the very next day, all week long I dropped all of my work-related appointments, and waited at the house for someone to show up. I’d call in the morning when nobody showed up, and the people at that phone number told me somebody would be there before five. Nobody ever showed.

I tried their Facebook page. They were very responsive there and had a lot to say, but I quickly found out that it was all smoke and mirrors. They just jumped in to placate me now and then without actually doing anything. They said they’d email me, and someone did once, but she never emailed again.

frontier communications facebook messages

And so, we scoured the internet, and finally found the secret number to call to actually get someone at Frontier Communications to help you. If you really need help from Frontier Communications, call this number:


So to get help with issues about your Fios Internet with Frontier communications, you call 1-203-614-5600, press 1 and talk to the escalation department. Instead of being on hold for hours, they will help you out in about fifteen minutes, offer up their personal emails, call technical support supervisors on their private lines, and do anything they can to help you. I just wish I’d had this information, because then I wouldn’t have had to spend three weeks waiting on an internet installation.


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  1. frontier is the worst company i ever had. they have a automatize machine it says you can talk to me like can’t get themselves out of a Birth Canal.

  2. God bless you!!!! This number saved the day!

  3. They are done helping people. Shame. If you get Bonnie after filing a Better Business Bureau complaint, it is not going to get resolved.

  4. I am in wis have dozens of frontier people thru the area but have to call the phillipines to get a dispatch I have health problems they dont care have me scheduled out a week whe n I call back I get a later date isn’t anything dispatched from the usa so disgusted

  5. Thankyou for the no. ever since my mothers ph. co. was bought out by Frontier in n. michigan her phone in the last year has had dozens of outages, or she can call out but not receive calls. this has been going on for a year now and the people in the area are irate about the co. Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times in one week. this area in n.e. michigan has very little cell signal in most areas are none. Frontier is so bad it has to be driving down the property value. This problem involves a lot of people around where she lives. Its been reported many times by the customers but still keeps happening.

  6. Thankyou for the no. ever since my mothers ph. co. was bought out by Frontier in n. michigan her phone in the last year has had dozens of outages, or she can call out but not receive calls. this has been going on for a year now and the people in the area are irate about the co. Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times in one week. this area in n.e. michigan has very little cell signal in most areas are none. Frontier is so bad it has to be driving down the property value.

  7. Thank you for posting this helpful information …. Been getting what you said… Double the bills…. No service and no help at all from frontier for weeks!

  8. Thanks got the info, but I suspect that the “Office of the President” is nothing more than another smoke screen to dupe customers. I’ve been working with this office for over TWO months for a simple internet installation. Every single day it’s another run-around story. I had to file a complaint with the FFC to actually get action, which was then nothing more than so the other reps said…”we don’t know when it can be fixed”. I have also filed complaints with the FTC, BBB, Indiana Channel 8 Action News Team, and apparently will have to now contact the Indiana Attorney General. This if the WORST company I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. They have a monopoly in my area and there is just nothing that can be done. Their actual executive officers are so shielded and unavailable that you can’t get any assistance from anyone who actually has the authority to say GET THIS FIXED NOW. So, if you have a choice, by all means – CHOOSE ANOTHER COMPANY. This one is broken and they do not care.

    1. @Tim Kuhn, I totally agree. We’ve been trying since July to get an order for phone and internet to get fulfilled. It is now December and the Office of the President says they’re staying on the crew or whatever to get it done, but the crew blames flooding in the area (I’m not sure where, but we haven’t had much flooding, among other things, with the work STILL not being done. The lady I speak with says “you know the area, with hills and valleys, etc…” It’s extremely frustrating, even with a so-called Business Representative trying to help. I’ve contacted him several times and, when he didn’t call back, had to reach out again and try to find out why. All this to say, if Frontier had ANY competition in our area, we’d forget Frontier, but they have us over the barrel.
      No real accountability and smoke and mirrors. What an awful “communications company”, in my opinion.

  9. Thank you for providing this number . not only was my 6 month issue taken care of in 10 minutes it also avoided a bigger problem. If anyone is having on going billing issues please call this number . It is the office of the president of Frontier. The person I spoke with not only understood my issue she had the power to approve the reversal of wrongfully charged fees to my account. I wish I had this number in the past as I have had nothing but problems with my both my residential and business accounts since frontier took over AT&T in Connecticut. I could have saved hundreds of dollars and countless hours of dealing with ineffective and sometimes rude and dishonest service reps and supervisors. Today would have been the last straw with Frontier if not for this number. I still would like to report them to somebody as I feel something is going on with them . My services and packages have been changed numerous times without my knowledge or consent.. I would like to think that it is improperly trained reps rather than dishonest ones but I don’t know, I worked for a cable company and I saw reps cancelling and reentering works orders etc. to get the commission so this might be the case here. Anyway thanks again Jamie for posting this

    1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! This was my problem, too! I sat for hours and hours on the phone!

  10. I am so fed up with Fronteir “lack” of service with disrespectful attitudes. I will attempt to call this number. Thank you for posting.

  11. Jamie, thank you!!! Thank you so very much!!!! I have been on the phone at least six times, over an hour each time, no one has been able to resolve their issue. Thanks to your inside information, I was able to speak with someone who not only was able to easily understand, but was able to rectify the issue on their end and resolve this five month ordeal. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this number. Finally I received a professional to speak with to resolve an issue that has been ongoing unnecessarily for the past 8 weeks. Can you believe that my service has been temporarily suspended 4/16, 4/23, and yesterday 5/1/2018. I spent more than 4 hours on the phone this week to get my service restored.

    There is so much more that I’d like to say about ths situation but I am mentally exhausted and fearful the service will be interrupted yet again. It’s not a payment issue its a billing issue.

    Real quick the collections person told me to pay the balance to prevent suspension and the issue will be worked out with next months bill. The bill has been wrong and payments applied incorrectly for the past 3 months, approximately 1 month after returning 4 of the 5 boxes to Frontier Communication. I kept 1 box which isn’t connected to any tv because only to honor my 2 year agreement. I signed with DirectV. If internet and phone service were available to me in my area I’d have disconnected my service with Frontier Communication. It’s humiliating, mentally exhausting, and time hog to try and resolve any issue with them professionally or courteous,

    Once this is over I plan to write letters to anyone who will listen.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! They were so much more responsive and helpful at that number.

  14. Thank you for posting.. I am very upset with Frontier, I will try the number you provided, but, as you mentioned nobody cares. IN fact, I am preparing a complaint letter to Florida Attorney General, and let’s see what they are going to find after investigating this deceiving, fraudulent company. I believe the law is not blind and finally, regulations will be imposed on all communication companies.

  15. Thank you for posting the number; I was having a difficult time resolving a problem with Frontier. After calling this number, I was finally able to get my issues resolved.

    Thank you.