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Wendy’s Has A New Cholula Breakfast Burrito And It Looks Amazing

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Breakfast is kind of my thing — but I don’t normally think of heading to Wendy’s at early o’clock in the morning.

However, Wendy’s just announced a new breakfast item that is going to have me grabbing my keys and running to my car as soon as I wipe the sleep from my eyes.

Picture it — a tasty breakfast burrito, stuffed with all your early morning favorites, and topped with a kick of delicious Cholula hot sauce.

Yum, right?!?

These tasty breakfast bombs were tested in Canada last year, and apparently they were so popular that they are now headed to the states.

Okay, check this out, and try not to drool.

The Wendy’s breakfast burrito is going to include bacon, eggs, seasoned potatoes, a slice of cheddar cheese, and mayo — then they wrap the entire thing up in a soft flour tortilla.

But wait, I’m not done.

They went and saved the very best for last…

Each breakfast burrito is going to come with a side of Cholula hot sauce, so you can take each bite to the next spicy level.

I’m going to go ahead and need an entire bag full of that Cholula hot sauce, please.

The Wendy’s Cholula breakfast burrito is headed to restaurants on Monday the 22nd, so make your plans now to head to Wendy’s for breakfast.


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