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Billions Of Cicadas Are About To Emerge From The Ground In A Rare Event That Hasn’t Happened In Over 200 Years

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There’s lots to love about living in the South — cicadas are definitely not one of them.

Every year, during the warm months, the entirety of the southern states are inundated with those noisy, ugly little buggers.

THIS year, however, is going to be worse — so, so much worse.

Get ready, because we are about to be treated to a synchronized event that hasn’t occurred since 1803.

Lucky us.

Cicadas tend to exist in these very structured cycles.

Some of them make an appearance every 7 years, some every 13 years, some every 15 years, and some pop out every 17 years.

This spring, we are going to witness a very rare event.

Two different broods of cicadas — one that lives on a 13-year cycle and one that lives on a 17-year cycle — will pop up from their underground lair to the horror and annoyance of us all.

That’s TWICE the number of cicadas that we are usually treated to on a yearly basis.

We can look forward to billions of these noisy winged insects that will make an appearance for their raucous mating ritual once the warm weather hits.

My skin is already crawling.

The cycles of these two broods of cicadas only align once every 221 years — so this is really a once-in-a-lifetime event.

I don’t know about you, but I may just find a reason to live on the West Coast this summer.

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