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High School Is Ten Times More Stressful Than Middle School Ever Was

Y’all, we have to talk. My daughter just started high school, and nobody prepared me for the stress that it puts on parents. This is more stressful than middle school.

Heck, this is more stressful than elementary school! Give me kindergarten volunteering, kids too tired to make it through the day, me not wanting to leave her with strangers, and a thousand holiday parties I don’t really want to plan.

From the second school starts, basically they hit the ground running. Between play rehearsals every day until after when we normally used to have dinner, homework that lasts until way past bedtime, and weekend activities, I’ve basically forgotten what free time looks like.

And my kid has, too. She’s one of those people who lives for her free time. She’s all about hanging out with friends, spending her afternoons chilling at the park, and just in general being less busy.

Now that she’s SO freaking busy, all of that has to go to the wayside, which means it all goes to the wayside for us, too. We spend our time now waiting outside activities, driving her to and from stuff, and just basically being the ultimate chauffeur.

And I don’t know how we are going to do it all. I don’t know how she is going to keep this busy, I don’t know how we are going to find the time to get her to all of this stuff!

How do people do this? How do people make it through high school? Is this just one of those things we have to just go and go until we can’t go anymore? Is this one of those things that will get better?

Why aren’t we talking about this? Why are we not talking about crazy high school has gotten? We used to have JOBS after school. What happened to that?

These kids don’t have time to go out to dinner, let alone work a part time job for extra money.

I guess that falls on the parents, too.

Hold me.