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A ‘Twister’ Movie Reboot Is In The Works And I Can’t Wait

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Did anyone else watch the 1996 Twister movie over and over as a kid? I still can’t remember why I was so obsessed with the movie, but hearing that a reboot is coming out has my nostalgic senses tingling!

Something about the thrill of outrunning a tornado with a blend of a little romance just got to my little preteen heart.


Universal Pictures is reportedly meeting with writers to tackle a reboot of Twister, the 1996 summer blockbuster about a powerful tornado that Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt had to keep outrunning.

The updated film is expected to be directed by Top Gun: Maverick filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, and produced by Frank Marshall, according to Variety.


The 1996 film grossed almost $500 million worldwide at a time when that wasn’t common at all. It had such groundbreaking special effects that shortly after the movie’s release it was incorporated into the Universal Studios tour at their Florida theme park! How cool is that?


The film’s visual effects were incredibly groundbreaking for its time, and it was populated with character actors like Cary Elwes and Philip Seymour Hoffman giving great performances that made it stand out from similar movies. It was nominated for two Academy Awards for visual effects and sound!


Not much is known about about the new film yet, especially since the writers haven’t even been hired. It seems unlikely to be a direct sequel to the original, since both Paxton and Hoffman have passed away. Some speculate it will be completely different. Some are saying it may be years later. And others think they will try to replicate the movie with the updated technology we have today.


Whether it will be a follow-up set in the same universe or a full on reboot where they don’t follow along with the 1996 film is completely unknown.

In times like these I get both excited and concerned. I loved Twister, so I can’t wait to see this reboot, but I also don’t want them to mess with my childhood movie!

What are your thoughts? Excited for a reboot? Scared they’re going to mess it up? Think they should leave 90s movies in their sacred place on our heart where they belong? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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