Taylor Swift’s Netflix Documentary Is Coming Soon and I’m Setting A Reminder Now

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Hold the phone! There is going to be a new documentary coming to Netflix, and it’s all about — wait for it — TAYLOR SWIFT! Gah!

All the Swifties — as her fans are known — just did a little happy dance.

Courtesy of Netflix

Miss Americana is set to come to the streaming service on January 31, and I CAN NOT WAIT!


In this revealing documentary, Taylor Swift embraces her role as a songwriter and performer — as a woman harnessing in the full power of her voice.


Just a side note — did you know that Taylor’s mom named her after singer, songwriter, James Taylor? Pretty cool, huh!


The film, Miss Americana, is said to be provocative, inspiring, and emotional — and I believe it, 100%!


The documentary is also set to hit select theaters the same day. I’m not playing around, though. I will be watching it on Netflix. I already have the date circled in hot pink, right in my planner!


There is no stopping Ms. Swift. On November 24, at the American Music Awards, she won ARTIST OF THE DECADE, and took home SIX awards!


Are you even surprised? You can hardly turn on a radio, without hearing one of her hits on the airwaves.


Miss Americana will debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, before coming to the Netflix streaming service.


As if you needed a reminder, Netflix will remind you when Miss Americana drops. All you need to do is go on to their site, and click on “Set a Reminder.”


Will you be watching?

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