You Can Get A Roll-Out Wooden Walkway That Will Set Up A Backyard Path In Seconds

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It’s summer time! And that means it’s time to make your yard as pretty as you can! But that can get very tiring and exhausting. So we have found one super easy fix that is going to make your yard look phenominal!


If you love having landscaping done in your yard, but aren’t looking to throw thousands of dollars out of the window, this is the item for you! This is a much more affordable option and it looks amazing!


This unique roll-out wooden walkway is made up of planks of wood and allows you to place it anywhere for a great looking path, that literally sets up in seconds. It’s a great idea for anyone looking to spice up their yard on a low budget!


Not only is this great way to add a beautiful walkway to your yard, but it also works great to cover up any messy spots in your yard, or spots that often get muddy or wet.

It’s made up of semi-flexible boards that conform to the shape of the ground, and blends in great with any landscaping you already have!


The roll-out wooden walkways consist of 3 different parts that you can get to create any length and shape of walkway that you like.

There’s a straight 6 foot version along with a longer straight 8 foot version, and then there’s a curved 4 foot version which allows you to go around corners and make turns in your pathway.

You can then connect any number of these together to create a beautiful winding path through your yard or garden.


The roll-out wooden pathway is made from weather-resistant hardwood planks which are joined together with wire and rubber spacers. This unique, portable walkway is easily cleaned by using a hose, and makes for a perfect addition to any home, beach house, lake house, mountain cabin, and more!


According to the site:

“With unlimited ways to use this essential pathway, it is the picture of convenience. Try it in your veggie garden for a clean path that will also help keep weeds down; or use it on a low-lying landscape area that’s always damp; roll it out by your water spigot and you’ll reduce excess splatter; you can even use it indoors in your basement or garage to elevate storage boxes or totes off the floor.”


There’s also an ADORABLE bridge that you can add to your pathway to go over a river rock drainage or a very small stream of water. You can find it here on Amazon.


One reviewer said:

Product worked out perfectly for creating a cottage like path alongside my flower garden on the side of my home. It’s a small path to the backyard, the grass was getting worn down and it looked bad. I put down 2 8’ straight and 1 curved piece and it looks wonderful. I have received many compliments on it and it’s only been down 2 weeks!!!! I need to order one more straight and curved section to complete the pathway. Very happy with the products. My kitties also love laying on them and the Cedar helps keep fleas away.

This would be perfect for any yard! Grab one from Amazon here and get your garden started today!


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