Johnny Depp’s Attorney’s Speak Out and Explain Why Amber Heard Lost The Defamation Trial

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Last week, Amber Heard’s attorney Elaine was on the news and tried to play like Amber was still a victim.

Now it’s time to hear from Johnny’s attorney’s!

Two of Johnny Depp’s attorneys, Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, made joint live appearances following the conclusion of the trial.

The Today Show

Earlier today, the two joined ABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “The Today Show” to discuss the defamation case, which ended last week with most of the trial ruling in Johnny Depp’s favor.

Good Morning America

On “Good Morning America,” the attorneys were asked by George Stephanopoulos whether or not social media swayed the jury.

Good Morning America

Ben Chew responded saying:

“Social media played no role whatsoever. This was a decision made by the jury on the evidence presented by both sides, and as Camille said [earlier in the interview], it was overwhelmingly in Mr. Depp’s favor.”

The Today Show

While the attorney’s admitted that social media isn’t entirely avoidable, they do not think it had anything to do with the outcome.

“It is everywhere, but at the same time, they were admonished every single night,” “They had a tremendous amount of respect for the court and the process, and they were doing they best that they could.”

Camille Vasquez
Good Morning America

George Stephanopoulos also asked the two attorneys about criticism that the verdict will have, as he paraphrased victims’ advocate groups, “a chilling effect on domestic violence victims and it’s a blow to the #MeToo movement.”

The Today Show

Camille Vasquez responded saying:

“I think our response to that is we encourage any victim to come forward,”

“Domestic violence doesn’t have a gender.” When pressed further, she continued, saying, “We do not [think is has any negative impact to the #MeToo movement]. We believe that the verdict speaks for itself, the facts are what they were, the jury made a unanimous decision based on those facts.”

Good Morning America

So, basically, according to JD’s attorney’s, Amber Heard lost due to a lack of evidence.

I also might add, she lost due to several contradicting statements and flat-out lies presented.

You can watch The Good Morning America interview in the video below.

You can watch The Today Show interview below.

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