Nick Cannon Is Expecting Another Baby Making Him A Father of 9

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Well, I guess the whole vasectomy consultation didn’t go well…

Last year was a record-breaking year for Nick Cannon at least as far as having children goes.

Last year, Nick Cannon was under fire for having so many children with different women.


After losing his son Zen to a brain tumor, Nick made an announcement he was having a vasectomy consult.

Apparently, that didn’t go well or at least, nothing came from it because he is now onto having his 9th child.

According to reports, he is expecting his 9th child with Abby De La Rosa who has already given birth to Nick’s twin boys, Zillion and Zion, in June 2021.


Sources told TMZ Abby’s due on October 25, and while we truly only know of one baby right now, rumors are speculating she is having twins once again.


I get he is famous and can likely afford these kids but what about stability and what about his presence? There is no possible way he can truly spend quality time with each and every one of his kids regularly.

I truly hope those kids are going to be okay!

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