10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Binge Watch ‘The Tiger King’

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You guys, if you are home, bored and not sure what to do with yourself, I have the answer…

Go watch The Tiger King on Netflix. But make sure the kids are in bed or another room, k?

Okay, so here’s the thing – The Tiger King is THE MOST craziest show I’ve ever seen in my entire 29 years of life. Seriously, it is.

Tiger King

But, if you are needing a bit more convincing, here’s 10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Binge Watch ‘The Tiger King’ (in no particular order).

Oh, and before I give you these reasons, don’t worry, they don’t spoil too much for you!

10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Binge Watch ‘The Tiger King’

1. The music video of Joe Exotic serenading one of his painfully-straight husbands. Enough said. Side Note: be prepared for terrible lip syncing.

2. Carole Baskin totally pulled off killing her husband, fed him to tigers and got away with murder. We all know what you did

3. Joe Exotic blowing up his mattress and personal belongings to avoid giving them to Carole Baskin in her lawsuit.

4. Expired meat pizza. YUCK!

5. Most crazy eulogy ever given at a funeral. Seriously, brace yourself for this one.

6. Tons of BABY TIGERS. This really is the only reason you’d ever need.

7. Tiny padlocks on the wall make for prince Albert accessories? Um, yeah that is forever burned into my brain.

8. A tiger biting someone’s arm off. And they still went back to work at the zoo.

9. Lots of leopard and tiger printed fabrics. Seriously, you’ll never look at those patterns the same way again.

10. Joe Exotic running for President and then Governor. And having people actually vote for him.

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