Walmart Already Has Some Christmas Decor For 90% Off And I’m Running There Right Now

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If you’re planning on making a Walmart run today, you need to check out their holiday decorations.

May I suggest running and not walking through the Christmas aisle because thanks to @cristianwnoh, certain holidays items are well I don’t know, 90% off!

I know what you’re thinking and yes you read correctly.

Courtesy of @cristianwnoh

It looks like a Christmas miracle came early this year and if you look closely, the individual who took the video is using the Walmart app to scan each barcode; so guess what I’m doing next, I’m downloading the app to see what other products I can get on sale.


The Tiktoker was able to find deals on an illuminated reindeer for only $2 and a light up Christmas Tree for the exact same price!

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this sooner!

Courtesy of @cristianwnoh

It’s never too early to buy Christmas decor and I would suggest making a trip to Walmart as soon as possible because who knows how long this sale could last!


Just keep in mind you need to scan these items with the Walmart app in store to get the deal!


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