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These Adorable Crocheted Baby Sandals Will Make You Baby Hungry

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Y’all… I have found the most adorable sandals for babies and they are crocheted!

TwoGirlsPatterns – Etsy

It almost gives me baby fever… ALMOST, but I am sure there are some of you that have some tiny babies that seriously need summer sandals.

I originally saw this post on Facebook and there were so many cute pairs in all different styles!

Cute right?

So I had to go on a hunt to track down the instructions to make these and I found some super cute patterns for you all.

Creative Ideas – Facebook

Even if you don’t have an infant, just reading through the comments… people WANT these so they would make wonderful gifts!

Creative Ideas – Facebook

You could even sell them to others that are not able to crochet!

This first pattern I found is beginner level and is available in a digital download so you can get started right away!

HappyCrochetClub – Etsy

The instructions come with a lot of images to help you through step by step and the pattern can make sandals that fit 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

Allison Russo – Etsy customer review

You can change the colors up in the pattern to fit your needs, you could make so many different combinations!

Yany Santiago – Etsy customer review

You can purchase the pattern to make your own infant sandals from HappyCrochetClub on Etsy for just $3!

TwoGirlsPatterns – Etsy

If you have a bit more skill with crocheting you could purchase this intermediate pattern from TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy that I am totally in love with!

TwoGirlsPatterns – Etsy

I even found a pattern for Espadrille style of crocheted baby sandals from TwoGirlsPatterns!

TwoGirlsPatterns – Etsy

If you don’t know how to crochet and have no interest in learning, I found this amazing premade ladybug-themed pair that’s perfect for summertime!

SpectrumsofColor – Etsy

If you would rather buy a pair that is already made, such as the ladybug sandals, you can purchase those from SpectrumsofColor on Etsy for just $15!

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