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Animal Shelters Are Asking You to Consider Adopting A Dog Right Now

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. However, I also think that a dog is a woman’s best friend. Regardless, dogs love their owners no matter what.

During this time of self-isolation, it can sometimes feel pretty lonely being locked up inside the house all day.

Even though we may have Netflix Watch Party and the WhatsUp App, we sometimes need a real companion by our side.

However, there is an easy solution and it only requires you to endlessly love a fluffy little guy (or girl) who may or may not drool on you once in a while.

Currently, animal shelters are putting the spotlight on animal lovers to open their hearts during this time during the quarantine to foster a dog temporarily.

Not only has it been proven by science that including a dog in your life can make you happier and healthier, but fostering a pet during this time can surely reduce the boredom you might be feeling during the long hours of staying at home!

“The companionship of pets has been shown to reduce stress and lower anxiety, helping people to feel calmer and more secure when the news from the outside world is distressing, said Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society.”

So, if you have enough room to spare for a little companion, don’t hesitate to foster a dog today and to remember to constantly wash your hands and your pets products to keep them just as safe as you are!

Lenta Ramajalwa

Thursday 29th of July 2021

hi i would like a fluffy white matese and a fluffy white puppy please