Target Is Selling Strawberry Whipped Cream and I’m Putting it On Everything

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Just like the peanut butter and jelly team, whipped cream and ice cream are a classic second duo.

From pancakes in the morning, to an afternoon snack, a spritz in your mouth before dinner, or topped on your evening ice cream sundae, the sweet delight covers many plates other than just your dessert.

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And thanks to Target, we have one more reason to pile our desserts high with whipped cream considering their latest whipped dairy flavor.

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Dubbed the Strawberry Whipped Dairy Topping by the Favorite Day brand, this can of whipped cream might just be your favorite sweet to top on all of your desserts.

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Rather pink than white, this strawberry whipped cream flavor comes out pink and goes great on a strawberry protein shake, rice cakes, or even dipped with whole strawberries for Valentine’s day.

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The perfect pink topping for all of your Valentine’s day baked goods.

So alongside the sprinkles, cherries, and chocolate syrup, you can now add strawberry whipped cream to your next grocery list because who wants to forget the topping that completes your banana split.

Courtesy of Target

You can currently find the Strawberry Whipped Dairy Topping stocked in stores and online at Target for under five dollars.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

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