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Target Is Selling $6 Cold Cups That Are Covered In Sequins

Move over Starbucks, Target is bringing down the cost of cold cups and offering adorable alternatives!

Look, I LOVE collecting Starbucks cups but I won’t lie, they are expensive.

So, when I came across these $6 cold cups that Target is selling, I jumped on the opportunity to get a few because you can get 3-4 for basically the price of one Starbucks cup.

I found these cold cups over by the Target summer collection.

These cups are 24 oz cups and come with a straw.

They had several designs to choose from (although most were already sold out) but I really loved this blue sequins one.

Each cup was just $6 so you can afford to buy one for you, your bff and even your kids’ teachers!

You can get some of the $6 Tumblers on the Target Website Here.

Check out my video below on what they look like in person!

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