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Here’s How You Can Get Fresh, Hot French Fries At McDonald’s Every Time

Did you know that you can REQUEST things specially made at the drive-thru at McDonald’s?

I’m not talking about adding lettuce to a burger or getting your Big Mac with extra sauce — although you can TOTALLY do that, too.

We all know by now, thanks to the Starbucks Secret Menu, that you can go into any Starbucks, and request any drink made in any special way.

It seems that McDonald’s is the same exact way — we just didn’t know to ask!

Have you ever gone into a McDonald’s, ordered french fries, and they come out a bit stale and room temperature?

The worst, right?!?

Well, thanks to a TikTok hack — I LOVE a good TikTok hack!! — we now know that you can order your McDonald’s french fries FRESHLY MADE!!

This means they come out piping hot and fresh!!

Today I learned you can ask for made-to-order fries at McDonald’s,

Lauren Nicole (@laurenicc)

Turns out, this isn’t the ONLY thing that you can ask McDonald’s to make fresh while you wait!

According to a user on Reddit, you can ask for ANYTHING on the menu to be made fresh, and they have to oblige.

This has the potential to be an awesome game changer!!

I am so tired of going through the McDonald’s drive thru, and getting COLD Chicken McNuggets.

Now that I know I can ask for fresh food, it’s ON!!

What do you usually order, that you’re going to get fresh from now on?

If you want to see the full TikTok video that contains this McDonald’s hack, go HERE.