This Woman Had A Wire Bristle Stuck In Her Throat And It Is Terrifying

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Since the start of grilling season is around the corner and even some states have officially brought out the charcoal, I thought this was worth sharing!

A woman who took a bite out of her burger and experienced excruciating pain, has a PSA for everyone…

Back in 2015, Ms. Emily Long quickly realized something was painfully wrong when she started to feel severe pain in the back of her throat.

After drinking water to wash down whatever was causing her pain wasn’t working, choking and throwing up, a trip to the ER was followed after just one bite of a burger.

The culprit, was a wire grill brush bristle lodged across the back of her throat by both ends.

Courtesy of Emily Long

Once given the chance to examine her grill at home, she and her husband realized wire bristles were scattered at the bottom and after some investigating, many parents had similar stories to tell.

Courtesy of Emily Long

Some families reported their children having wire bristles stuck halfway down their esophagus while one woman was put on a feeding tube after a wire bristle perforated her stomach.

Courtesy of Emily Long

Ms. Long shares her story to warn others to throw out their wire bristle brushes and to check for other individuals who might be using them when visiting someone else’s BBQ and eating their food.

Courtesy of Emily Long

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