Everyone Is Obsessed With This Ghost Rug That Went Viral. Here’s Where You Can Get One.

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Halloween goers are already stocking up for spooky season because as some of you may know, the day of freight starts in the beginning of August. 

Retail stores nationwide are slowly but surely stocking more shelves with Halloween decor and this year, one item in particular is causing people to do a double take. 

Courtesy of @mainstreetfam

The talk of the town or in this case, the talk of social media leads to a black and white runner rug covered in smiling ghosts! 

Courtesy of @m.ikoola

Everyone and their grandma are trying to get their hands on the rug thats screams spooky season to fit underneath the couch, in the bedroom or underneath the kitchen sink.

Courtesy of @m.ikoola

The rug can be found at T.J. Maxx and Marshall stores but only a few stores have this rug in stock.

Courtesy of @m.ikoola

The 20-inch by 60-inch rug is around $25 according to a few TikTokers who snagged the famous rug. 

Courtesy of @m.ikoola

My advice? 

Run, and not walk to the nearest T.J. Maxx and Marshalls to track down the viral go-to spooky season rug of the year! 

Courtesy of @m.ikoola

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