Tony Hawk Is Selling Skateboards Infused With His Blood And I’m A Little Freaked Out

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UH, yeah…you read that right. You can now purchase a Tony Hawk skateboard with his blood inside…

The 53 year old skateboarder has teamed up with Liquid Death to create these one of a kind skateboards.

Liquid Death

Liquid death released the video of how these were made, showing Hawk’s blood being drawn and then mixed with the red paint on these skateboards.

These will be selling for $500. According to Tony Hawk, a percentage of the proceeds from the skateboards will go to his The Skatepark Project as well as 5 Gyres, an environmental nonprofit organization.

Liquid Death

I guess my question is, why? Do they think it’ll give them magical skateboarding powers? Adding it to their Tony Hawk shrine? I’m so confused. At least it’s for a good cause.

Liquid Death

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