This Mom Accidentally Filmed A Strange Shadow Under Her Son’s Bed And I Would Move

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People film crazy, creepy things on social media all the time. Some obviously fake, some entirely too real.

One of my favorites is this woman who Got Entirely Too Close To A Bear. Spoiler alert — it charged at her.


I’m not sure what to think about this one. An alleged Ghost Took Off This Dog’s Collar. What do you think?


But, this story really got the hairs on my neck to stand at attention and a million little goosebumps to raise on my arms.

Jessica Catanesi was filming herself for TikTok — as all the people are doing.

She was dancing with her baby daughter in the hallway of her house.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

In the background, you can see her son’s bed through the open doorway of his room.

And, here’s where things get a little bit creepy — spooky — weird.

Now, she claims she was home alone.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

Jessica also says there were no animals in the house. Her dogs were at some different location with her husband.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

My husband had both of our dogs with him, and I was home alone with my daughter when I recorded this.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

So, explain to me, then, why we see something moving under her son’s bed!

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

If you don’t know to look for it, you might miss it.

There’s Jessica and her baby dancing in the foreground. In the background you can see “something” under the little bit of bed that we can see through the doorway.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

I have gone back and watched the video like ten times.

Is it a shadow? It looks more solid to me.

Like, it looks like it may be an intruder of the furry kind.

A large-ish intruder.

Maybe a cat, raccoon, big rat, or a — I don’t know — a groundhog? That’s weird. Why would it be a groundhog?!?

What explanation is there?

I mean, maybe it’s a stuffed animal that moved when the air conditioner came on. That would take an awfully strong blast of air.

But wait. There’s an update to the story.

Jessica again took to TikTok to give the world a tour of her home. She showed us where all the light is coming from, and she showed us just how little space there is under her son’s bed.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

Want to get freaked out?

Apparently her toddler has been talking to “someone” in the hall who’s name just happens to also be Jessica.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

Nobody can see this “Jessica” except her toddler.

She posted a second TikTok video that shows her son going to the corner in the hallway to talk to this “Jessica.”

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

[I] asked him if Jessica can come to the living room and talk and [he] said ‘Jessica is stuck,’ not to make this any more creepier than it already [is]

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

In Jessica’s third TikTok video, her son is talking about “Jessica” in the hallway.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok

Then, Jessica (the mom) goes on to tell us about how they live on a military base, and about half of the houses are built on top of a cemetary.

Apparently she was told that a lot of the houses in that same area have been reported as being haunted.

Jessica Catanesi on TikTok


What do you think? Paranormal? Rogue rodent?

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