This Woman Caught A Ghost Taking Off Her Dog’s Collar and I’m Officially Spooked

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This TikTok user caught something on camera, and you decide what you think it is.

Leave it to TikTok to bring us a video that is a must-watch viral sensation this spooky Halloween season.

In this creepy AF video, @shannyfantg captured what she says is a ghost taking off one of her dogs’ collars.

Dogs can totally sense things that we can’t. Have you ever been in an empty house with a dog, and they start staring off into the nothingness, growling, and barking? Creepy, isn’t it. It’s like they can sense something is there that we can’t see!

This TikTok video starts with home surveillance footage of two dogs that are crated. They are going nuts-o barking at — nothing.

This goes on for a bit, and then the dogs get really quiet.

We think that’s it, that nothing else is going to happen — until it does!

Keep an eye on the black dog on the right — the one wearing a white collar.

He is just hanging out in his kennel, when his white collar comes right off.

The collar doesn’t just fall off.

Something spooks the dog as that collar pops open. He flinches, trying to get away from — something.

Now, you have to decide if you think it is a ghost, a spirit, a haunt.

My brain wants to tell me that the dog’s collar just fell off by itself.

But, see, I’ve lived in a haunted house, so I know it is totally possible that something we can’t see undid that dog collar.

Of course, people are jumping into the comments with their thoughts and opinions.

The collar unclasped and scared the dog. That is all.

Elle Braun

Friend, you better anoint that house! That wasn’t a ghost, it was a demon.

Heaven Baca

not saying what’s real or not. but the video was literally paused before the collar came off. watch again…


They both got super quiet .. they felt the energy

Lauren Jimenez690

Now, YOU decide. Is it merely a collar falling off a dog? OR, is it something different — something spooky — altogether?

See the entire spooky TikTok video HERE.

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