The Starbucks 2021 Christmas Cups Are Already Being Spotted. Here’s What You Can Expect To Find.

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If you haven’t seen our post yet about the Starbucks Christmas Release, you are MISSING OUT! There are SO many amazing cups coming out!

Well now we have an up close and personal update on the cups, because as usual, some Targets are already setting their retail out THREE WEEKS EARLY.

LOOK HOW PRETTY! So this could be good or bad news for you. Some Targets are setting their cups out early. Great! Early access! But, it also may mean you’ll miss out if you’re waiting for the technical release date.

Look how GORGEOUS these Siren Tumblers are! I didn’t even know these were releasing, but they are FOR SURE on my to buy list now!

There’s studded cup ornaments!!! WHAT?! They are not disappointing me on this release for sure!

I don’t know the proper name for these cups…they aren’t studded but I don’t think they’re technically kaleidoscope either! Whatever they are, I need them ALL. NOW. These are probably my favorite, especially the dark green and champagne colored ones!

Which of these cups are on your “to buy’ list? You better start looking now in cause your store jumped the gun on releasing them!

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  1. I wonder what complaints the Fundies will manufacture about these cups. >.<

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