Wondering Why Cocomelon Is Still Soaring In Netflix’s Top Ten? Yeah, Me Too.

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If you have a toddler, chances are, you have seen CoComelon. My kids discovered this on YouTube during their Baby Shark phase.


As this show became more and more popular, it was picked up by Netflix. And ever since, it has been sitting in the Top Ten for months. MONTHS.


To me, the show gets old FAST. Like…FAST. I can only handle it in small increments. But my kids LOVE it. They are glued to the T.V. when it comes on, and that in itself is a godsend!


So it’s a good balance of how much I can handle of the show and how much time I need my kids to be distracted. And don’t even get me started on the CoComelon toy that were flying off the shelves for Christmas. I didn’t even try.


According to Forbes, CoComelon recently broke a record by remaining in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched shows for 62 days straight. (That’s longer than Tiger King people!) And it keeps popping back in too! It’s there right now!


This show was started by a dad on YouTube and now is breaking the internet. We’re even seeing a lot of other people on YouTube trying to create extremely similar shows with hopes to join the viral world.


As much as I am not a fan, this show is stopping kids all over the world from being cray cray for a second. But it’s a kid show. It’s not for us. If it’ll keep the kids happy and is all innocent fun, why not?


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