Jo Koy Just Tried to Diss Taylor Swift At The Golden Globes and Her Face Was Priceless

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Wowza – Jo Koy is really bad. Like really bad. This award show is quite sad and embarrassing so far.

His opening jokes had people begging for Tiny Fay and Amy Poehler begging to come back as hosts.

And just after the break, Jo Koy tried to crack another joke but this time it was more of a diss aimed at Taylor Swift.

Now, all I have to say is, NO – you just don’t go after America’s Golden Girl – aka America’s Sweetheart.

But he did…

Before the next award nominees, Jo Koy said:

The big difference between The Golden Globes and the NFL, on The Golden Globes we fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift. I swear, there’s just more to go to here.

After seeing her reaction, Jo Koy says:

“Sorry about that”

And I think Taylor Swift’s face said it all…

And then she took a slow sip of her drink…

Others were quick to notice too… She doesn’t seem be taking any BEEF from anyone! And good for her.

Once again, his jokes are pretty weak and yeah, can we just have an awards show without bashing anyone?

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