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Chest Hair Art Is The Hottest New Trend And I Have So Many Questions

There is a trend going around where dudes take their chest hair, and shave it into cool designs, and you have to check these out!

Trends are happening everywhere these days.

Most of them have me scratching my head: Mullets for Dogs, Long Fake Summer Toenails, The Farewell of the Skinny Jean?!?

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook

I mean, what the heck?

But, this chest hair trend — okay, it makes me cringe a little — but at least guys are being creative with it.

In most cases, it’s whimsical art — at least the guys think so.

Okay, there are some that are just strange.

But hey, it’s not something I have to do, so I guess I can go with it.

Now, if my husband tries to take a razor to his chest hair, we are going to have words. Ha!

Just take a minute to check some of these out!

I mustache you a question. Do you think this is HAWT?

Now that you can’t unsee these works of art, have a nice day!!

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