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Skinny Jeans, No-Show Socks, And Other Trends That Are No Longer In Fashion

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I’ve had to come to terms with something very recently.

I am no longer “cool.”

Maybe I’m old — or maybe I don’t keep up well enough with what the kids are into these days.

My 13-year-old daughter informed me today, however, that I dress like a “mom.”

Ouch. Arrow straight through the heart. LOL!!

I mean, I had already come to terms — reluctantly — with the fact that I need to skip my side-part, and part my hair in the middle again.

Silly Gen Z — they think they came up with this “novel” hair trend that we were doing when I was in high school!

So, in case you find yourself in the same boat I just found myself, let me school you a little on what’s “in” and what’s “out.”

  1. Skinny Jeans

I knew about this one, but I have been holding out hope that The Powers That Be in Gen Z will decide they love skin-tight denim.

These crazy kids (I DO sound old) have decided that a more baggy fit is most appropriate to wear on the regular.

2. Mom Cardigans

I don’t know that I like my teenager calling my “sweater” of choice a MOM Cardigan.

You know the ones — you probably bought a couple from Lula Roe just a couple years ago.

They are the buttonless, slightly billowy, fabric, long-sleeved sweaters that are slightly longer in the back, and absolutely comfortable to wear — not to mention, they look GREAT with my skinny jeans.

Well, they are out, so you may as well box them up for when they come back into fashion.

3. Slip-On, Eco-Friendly Shoes


We probably all own a pair — or six — of these shoes, which are now COMPLETELY out of fashion (allegedly).

Companies like TOMS made a hefty fortune off these comfy kicks.

But, these sustainable shoes are now a no-no in the Gen Z fashion world.

4. Quaint Heidi Dresses

You know the ones. I wore the heck out of these when I was younger — like my closet was FULL of this Laura Ashley staple.

But, alas, pretty frilly dresses are apparently no longer fit to wear in public places.

5. Bold Printed Button Down Shirts And Blouses

These took a little bit of courage to wear, but they looked super-cool on the people that wore them.

Unfortunately, they are now a NO.

6. Big Earrings

NO!! Say it ain’t so! I own SO many — I LOVE me a big pair of earrings.

Apparently anything big, bold, and a little showy is OUT.

7. No-Show Socks

WHAT?!? That’s just about all I own!

I had seriously JUST embraced this trend.

It took A LOT for me to get rid of my crew socks and scrunchy socks that I LOVE so much.

8. T-Shirts Emblazoned With A Message

Okay. Now you are just hitting below the belt.

My staple go to is a t-shirt with a cute saying, and a pair of skinny jeans — along with my crew socks, a pair of tennis shoes, and my mom cardigan.

I can tell you from experience, if you buy them for your Gen Z teen, they will cover that shirt up as fast as they can with a hoodie.

9. Super-Comfy Beige Chino-Style Pants

Come on! It doesn’t get any more classic and stylish than chinos, AMIRITE?

I have gone to the GAP to get SO many pairs of chinos in my day.

But, they are apparently no longer cool to wear.

Here Is What You Can Get Instead To Stay On Trend

  1. Jeans — Instead of skinny jeans, try Straight-Leg or Flared jeans.

Old Navy has a great selection.

Old Navy

2. Cardigan — Instead of that tired mom cardigan, opt for a slightly more figure-friendly ensemble.

You can find some great ones at Kohls.


3. Shoes — Instead of reaching for those eco-friendly slide-on shoes (just donate them to Goodwill), get yourself a pair of Toms lace-up shoes.

You can get them on the Zappos website.


4. Dresses — Instead of that frilly floral dress — which I still LOVE — choose a wrap dress with a bold color or a subtle pattern.

You can find some great ones at Nordstrom.


5. Shirts and Blouses — Instead of those loud, brilliantly bold shirts, grab something with a dress collar that isn’t so busy.

The Gap is a good go-to store for all the stylish things.

The Gap

6. Earrings — Instead of the big and bold earrings that we love to wear, try something more simple and elegant.

You can find about a bazillion and one pair of GREAT earrings on Amazon.


7. Socks — Instead of hoarding a drawer full of no-show socks, try filling up that drawer with over-the-ankle socks.

You can ALWAYS find a good selection of socks at Walmart.


8. T-Shirts — Put those shirts you just bought — the ones with all the cute sayings — at the BACK of your closet, and get yourself some solid-color or subtle print t-shirts.

Target is my go to for all things t-shirt related.


9. Chino-style Pants — I know, these are a STAPLE in most wardrobes, but apparently not any longer.

Instead, try on a pair of linen high-waisted pants.

You can find them at Old Navy.

Old Navy

ICYMI — the laughy cry face emoji is also out, so don’t use it.

Or, be a rebel like me, and throw it in every other Facebook post like you mean it.*

*Facebook is also out, btw.

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