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This Mom Left To Drop Her Kids Off At School But Forgot The Kids and I’m Dying Laughing

This mom left the house to take her kids to school, and straight-up left the kids at home in the driveway!

I’m dying laughing over here.

Yeah, it’s funny that it happened, but it’s even MORE funny, because I could BE that mom!

Seriously, when you’re tired and in a hurry, you sort of move out of muscle memory in the mornings.

Especially when the kids move as slow as sloths. You sometimes get so tired of telling the kids to HURRY UP, you just kind of let them do their thing.

Everyone usually just meets at the car, and we somehow manage to get to school unscathed.

Well, in THIS case, that didn’t happen! HA!

I can’t say I blame the mom. She was just doing her thing.

Watch what happens when she realizes her kids aren’t in the car!

It’s even funnier when she shows back up at the house to pick them up! Ha!


Friday 20th of March 2020