You Can Now Grow Your Own Child With These Baby Yoda Chia Pets

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As if Baby Yoda wasn’t already cute enough on his own, they went and made a Chia Pet replica of him!!


Yes, you can get a Baby Yoda Chia Pet!! Well, not now but soon!

OH MY GOSH, GUYS!!! We all know that Baby Yoda is super loveable and adorable as is… but this Baby Yoda Chia Pet breaks my cuteness meter!

This adorable little plant – chia pet, looks super cozy in his little robe and nestled inside his spherical pod!

While the photos feature artificial foliage, the Baby Yoda Chia Pet grows the same as any other Chia Pet through seeds and water!

The Baby Yoda Chia Pet was spotted at the New York Toy Fair and is said to be in stores sometime this year!

Yes… we have to wait sadly. But there are plenty of other adorable Baby Yoda items to feed our obsession for the time being!

On the topic of all things Baby Yoda, I highly suggest you try our Baby Yoda Cold Brew recipe! It’s a huge hit all around! I myself will be sipping (or chugging) them non-stop while I anxiously wait to get my hands on a Baby Yoda Chia Pet!!

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