Ayo Edebiri Just Gave The Most Real Acceptance Speech Ever at The Golden Globes

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Can we just give Ayo Edebiri a huge round of applause? Not just for her role in The Bear, but for her acceptance speech during her win of a Golden Globe…

You know the drill – actors will The Golden Globe and they get up there and thank their cast and crew, family and various people.

And while Ayo did all of that, she also took the time to thank the people that are truly in the mud – the people who are doing the hard work for her, behind the scenes.

During her acceptance speech she said:

“Thanks to my agents and assistants. They answer my emails”

Yep – those people that are the literal back and bones of her being able to do what she does.

And then the camera panned over to Taylor Swift where she was seen clapping and mouthing:

“Okay. Yup”

Like she knew. After all, Taylor Swift has been seen countless times gifting money to her crew, paying for lavish things for them and just showing her appreciation to them.

After all, without all these people, they couldn’t do what they do.

It’s refreshing to hear a real acceptance speech from someone so deserving. I also think she was a little nervous and it was adorable!

Way to go Ayo!

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