Birthday Cake Flavored Fruity Pebbles Are Coming So Every Breakfast Can Be A Celebration

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It’s the big 50 for Fruity Pebbles cereal which means they must be doing something special.

It’s said to be rumored that for their 50th birthday, Post Consumer Brands is releasing a birthday cake Fruity Pebbles cereal; so if the rumor is true, you can finally have an excuse to eat cake for breakfast that mom and dad can’t possibly fight you on.


The news comes from Instagram account @markie_devo who got the picture from a sales rep at Post Consumer Brands.


The birthday cake flavored box is similar in design with their recent release of Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles cereal with the same bright blue color and Fred Flintstone on the front.


However, with that being said, this box differs with a baby pink colored bow that wraps the box like a present with Fred Flintstone holding a slice of cake with a burning candle!

It’s currently kept under wraps on what the cereal itself will look like but I’m thinking the brand might follow the color scheme of the box, so maybe pink and blue Fruity Pebbles for their 50th birthday?

We can assume that this flavor might not hit shelves until 2021 since the box indicates “coming soon” on the front and Fruity Pebbles 50th birthday would land into next year; so until then, all we have is our imagination on what this new cereal will look like.


In the end, I’m expecting something extravagant from Post Consumer Brands celebrating 50 years!

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