Home Depot Is Selling A Sparkly Pink Fan to Keep The Princess In Your Life Cool

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Home Depot has this Warehouse of Tiffany ceiling fan that looks like it’s straight out of the Legally Blonde movies! Can’t you see this beauty gracing Elle’s bedroom!


Endorphines might make you happy, but this pink ceiling fan would make me extra happy — like Prada shoes! It’s abolutely beautiful — also like Prada shoes.

Oh, sweetheart, I need this fan in my life. I’d feel like a million pink little bucks!


You can totally get this Funder, 52 inch ceiling fan at Home Depot.

It’s made for indoor use. It would go FABULOUS in my bedroom, although the hubs might not agree. Look at that crystal encrusted sparkling star light! GAH!! Simply beautiful.

It’s also embelished with little stars and moons on the base of the fan. How perfect is that?!?

A Remote Control makes this fan work. No ugly pull cords here! There are also five wooden blades on the fan, that can reverse directions with the change in the seasons.

This Tiffany Warehous Pink Fan would look so perfect in a baby room! It comes in this sweet pink, but also in a monotone blue.

My daughter would absolutely BEG for this fan light if she saw it — I won’t be showing her. Although it’s beautiful, it’s MINE!

“Keep the temperature comfortable year round. Save money from having to turn on the air conditioning. These are only some of the benefits your precious child’s room will gain by installing a ceiling fan. These enjoyable lighted ceiling fans are a great solution. Monotones in blue or pink with a fun crystal embellished star lamp are perfect in children’s rooms. Kids will love the excellent illumination with crescent moon and star cut-outs in the metal shading. The 3 speed reversible motor insures you find just the right level of cooling comfort. Remote Controlled for extra convenience.”

Via Home Depot

You can get your Funder 52 in. Indoor Star Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan with Light Kit HERE.

Hallmark also has some awesome home decor items, that you will LOVE! Check them out here.

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