There Is Now A Test For People To Find Out If They’ve Already Had Coronavirus

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There are a lot of people out there wondering if they’ve already had Coronavirus but just didn’t know it.

Well, next week Arcpoint labs in Fort Wroth will be offering a test to see if you have the CoVid-19 antibodies in your blood.

Source: CBS 11

It’s a simple test. Just a finger prick and a blood sample they put onto a little test strip– kind of like a pregnancy test.

They’re saying the test should take about 15 minutes to get the results, which is much better than the ten days it’s taking some people to get back their results right now.

A little reassurance and just knowing when everything is so uncertain is a big deal to a lot of people.

But, it’s not for people experiencing symptoms. It’s just for those that are symptom free and wondering if they’ve had it in the past.

According to CBSDFW:

ARCpoint Labs of Southwest Fort Worth President Cheryl Gray Grote said this test is not FDA approved, but is available under the agency’s Emergency Use Authorization Guidelines.

“An FDA approval takes a long, long time,” Grote said. “They do several different studies, but because we’re in the middle of an active pandemic they want to get it through faster. The people that actually have the antibodies, their blood could be donated to the seriously ill.”

Grote’s lab will have the capability of testing around 50 people a day. An appointment is needed. They’re allowing first responders to have first access. The Mineral Wells Fire Department is expected to do some testing this weekend.

This is an elective test, so insurance won’t cover the $65 cost. But that’s a small price to pay for a little peace of mind right now.

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