Dunkin’ Has A New Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut For Halloween And It Looks Hot

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Adding to the list of crazy things in 2020, Dunkin’ is releasing a ghost pepper donut that sounds just as spicy as it probably tastes and I’m not sure what to think!

But hey, you know what they say, spicy and sweet taste great together, Sour Patch Kids is proof of that.


I guess I can’t knock it until I try it, but all I can say is that this donut looks very, very spicy.


The new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut is dipped with Spicy Ghost Pepper and Strawberry Icing that’s complete with a Red Sanding Sugar.


The donut is so spicy, it’s even recommended for employees to tell guests who order the donut with children, “This donut is spicy, it has Strawberry frosting with a spicy pepper note”, according to a Reddit post.

Phew, my taste buds are already tingling.

However, if you’re not a fan of a spicy morning kick, Dunkin’ has other Halloween inspired donuts such as the Spider donut, the Vanilla Frosted donut, the Boston Kreme, and the Double Chocolate Donut.

The fiery hot donut and the other Halloween sweet treats will be released this week on Wednesday, October 14th.


If you are brave enough to get the new ghost pepper donut, what better way to soothe the burn than none other than a classic iced coffee from Dunkin’ and with that, I wish you good luck!

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