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There’s A Petition With Over 80,000 Signatures Going Around To Save Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza And I’m Signing It

We can all confidently say that Taco Bell should not be removing more than half of if any, of what they currently took off the menu.

Their most recent departure of yet another popular food item is none other than the Mexican Pizza.

In fact, fans of Taco Bell are so upset that a petition to save the Mexican Pizza has gone viral and frankly, I’m not even surprised.

As we all have recently come to understand is that Taco Bell will be removing the beloved Mexican Pizza come November 5th and many of us are heartbroken about it.

Clearly, more of us than I thought since the petition to keep the Mexican Pizza has over 103,609 and counting! You can bet I’m signing this.

More importantly, thanks to the brave soul who started the petition Krish Jagirdar, who shared his frustration online, he now has over 100,000 individuals standing with him!

He encourages individuals who wish to save this food item to not only sign the petition, but to buy as many Mexican Pizzas as possible to increase Taco Bell’s numbers and to also share the petition to others!

You can find the petition here on and here’s hoping Taco Bell gets rid of the crazy idea of omitting the crunchy and beefy Mexican Pizza!

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Taco Bell, I hope you’re seeing this!

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Monday 21st of December 2020

I want my Mexican Pizza!! It was one of the main reasons I go to Taco Bell. BRING IT BACK!!