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These ‘Situationship’ Heart Candies Are The Perfect Match To Those Blurry Relationships

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Do you know someone in a situationship — a relationship that isn’t exactly defined or established?

Maybe it’s you??

Spangler Candy Company

Sweethearts candies has come out with the perfect candy for you this Valentine’s Day!

You know those little traditional candy hearts that say things like, “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine?”

These Situationship Candy Hearts are like those candies, but they are purposely blurry and difficult to read.

Just like many relationships these days, right?!?

Spangler Candy Company

The specially designed boxes contain blurry, misprinted candies that are as hard to read as Gen-Z relationships. 

Spangler Candy Company

This heart-shaped candy box — designed for those that find themselves in more of a situationship rather than a traditional relationship — is “filled entirely with sweet, muddled nothings and literal mixed messages.”

I can think of several people who need this candy for Valentine’s Day!!

Singles are taking ‘situationships’ to the next level this year, and Sweethearts is here for them.

Evan Brock, vice president of marketing for Spangler.

Now, these Situationship Heart Candies are going to be just as tasty as their traditional sister candies — they are just more inclusive to include everyone.

How perfect!!

These Situationship Heart Candies are going to be available for a very limited time starting on January 8th, and while supplies last.

To get your own box of Situationship Heart Candies, head on over to the Sweethearts Candies website.

Spangler Candy Company

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