Here’s Where You Can Get The Viral Heart-Shaped Wine Glasses Everyone Is Talking About

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Valentine’s Day is on the way, which means if it’s your turn to host Galentine’s day this year, you need to start decorating now!

But don’t panic, we have just the thing to make your Galentine’s party festive with hearts!

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Several different versions of heart-shaped wine glasses have recently gone viral on TikTok for Valentine’s day, and let’s just say that these wine glasses are certainly something you need at your Galentine’s day party!

Courtesy of @macyspeight

Colored subtly in pink and iridescent, these wine glasses are complete with a gold rim to outline the beautiful heart shape at the top.

And the best part about these heart-shaped wine glasses is that you can use them at any point in the year and not just on Valentine’s Day including date night, or how about an annviersary?

Courtesy of @natalialovesa

Available in a few different options including flutes and shorter stemmed wine glasses, these heart-shaped wine glasses will be the talk of the party!

You can find the heart-shaped wine glasses currently in T.J. Maxx stores, Marshalls or HomeGoods.

Courtesy of @natalialovesa

But if you’d rather shop online, (and we don’t blame you), you can also currently snag a two pack on eBay as well.

Now, where’s my credit card.

Courtesy of eBay

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