Many Costco Stores Are Not Allowing Returns On High-Demand Items

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People have loaded up on all sorts of things, over buying on many things. Now some Costco stores have posted signs that they will not be accepting returns on those items.

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It is not clear at this time if this is a new corporate policy for all Costco stores, or if it is a store by store decision. You’ll need to contact your local stores to see if this applies.


The items that they are not accepting returns on are toilet paper, Lysol, rice, water, paper towels, and sanitizing wipes.


I hope they add to that list! There are many food items that I do not think they should allow returns on, but that is my personal opinion.


Maybe this will slow down the excessive panic buying and hoarding that so many are doing. I sure hope so!

Also, many stores are setting buying limits now. I hope that they can control this so that everyone is able to get the things that they need. There is plenty for everyone!


It is sad to me that so many, including my own family, are going without basic human needs because people decided they needed an overabundance on certain items.


Stocking up is one thing, buying out every last thing is a bit over the top.


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