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Walt Disney World is Refunding All Trips Booked Through June 30th

As we all know, Walt Disney World has closed since the outbreak, and as we said goodbye to the happiest place on Earth, we’re all itching to know when we can go back again.

Walt Disney World has only closed a handful of times due to threatening hurricane weather and evacuating during 9/11. Therefore, as Disney World shuts its doors this year, it can be pretty shocking.

Our plans to vacation at Disney World and eat around the world at Epcot may be put on hold on for now. However, Disney has some good news for individuals who booked their flight ahead of time.

Disney World has announced refunds for all customers who booked trips through June 30th. Customers can do this without any cancellation fees.

So, even though your vacation might be cancelled for now, at least its at no extra cost by courtesy of Disney, that’s some good news right!

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Thursday 26th of March 2020

This is not true. You should take it down. If you need help finding out the truth, you can always call any Disney World number and they will tell you their procedure at the moment. It may change, but as I’m writing this, they are rebooking trips planned through March 31st, and also they are rebooking people not “refunding” them.

Billy Bob Thornton

Monday 23rd of March 2020

What a useless article. No reliable sources and the news is FALSE! You’re a poor journalist at best, I’d find another job if I was you rather than propagating bulls**t.