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This Wine Wand Will Give You The Perfect Glass Of Wine With No Hangover Headache

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There is a magic wand, of sorts, for wine, and it is supposed to eliminate those nasty wine hangovers and make your glass of vino taste even better than normal.


I’m weird, I know — I don’t LOVE wine — which is an unfortunate life to live when every single one of my friends loves a good glass of Pinot Noir paired with an awesome charcuterie board.

I’m more of a vodka martini girl — only the best (hardest) for me. *Laugh Emoji*

I do, however, have an OCCASIONAL glass of wine — and you can call it bougie if you want — but I’ll only drink it if it has gone through an aerator.


What is a wine aerator, you ask?

If you don’t know, you are missing the boat on the adult beverage front.

When you aerate the wine, you are releasing the aroma of the wine, and letting it breathe.

That’s a fancy pants way to say that it makes it taste better.

BUT, you are still subject to that nasty little wine hangover — if you know, you know — that comes after indulging in a bottle or 3 the night before.

Sulfites are used in wine making to preserve the wine — allowing it to taste better for a longer period of time — and it’s those lingering sulfites that tend to bring on that lovely little wine headache that you often experience after a fun girls’ night out.

Wine also contains histamines — a natural byproduct of making and fermenting wine — which is why you often get a stuffy nose, skin flushing, and it can actually make your wine headache worse. *Gasp*

But NOW, PureWine has come out with a nifty little way to enjoy your wine and head-off those lingering sulfite and histamine induced hangover headaches.


The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine is said to remove the sulfites and histamines from your glass of wine — so you can indulge without feeling all the lingering side effects.

No other wine purifier removes BOTH the histamines and sulfites that trigger those unwanted wine allergies and sensitivities. The Wand purifies ALL red, white and sparkling wines WITHOUT changing the natural flavor, aroma or color of the wine.


It even aerates the wine in the process — BONUS– so you are going to get one AWESOME glass of vino!

Purifies and aerates a glass of wine in as little as 3 minutes.


These single-use wine wands are simple to throw in your purse before you head out for the night.

You also don’t have any messy clean-up to deal with — like the spillage you sometimes get from pouring a bottle of wine through a plain aerator.

Each wand even comes with a twist-off wine charm, so you will never have to play that “is that my wine?” guessing game.

Imagine no longer having to throw away opened bottles of wine! The Wand restores open, oxidized wine to its natural state using Patented Phoenix Purification technology.


Now, if you are worried that this wine wand might be adding extra chemicals to your wine, it doesn’t.

Does not add any harsh chemicals. Phoenix Purification is proven safe and effective in independent tests. FDA compliant and BPA-Free. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

You can get a box of 8 single-use Wand Wine Filters for 20 bucks right on the Amazon website.


These would be GREAT to use at your next party or girls’ get together!

You will impress EVERYONE when you give them the perfect glass of wine, and NO wine hangover!

NO MORE WINE HEADACHES, ENJOY WINE AGAIN – Only PureWine alleviates ALL of the most common side effects from drinking wine: Headaches, Stuffy Nose, Skin Flush, Next-Day Hangovers and Upset Stomach.


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