You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Rainbow Tunnel And My Kids Need It

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Target has a Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler, and it helps turn your backyard into a splash pad of fun!

Courtesy of Target

I’m not going to lie, I’d want one of these even if I didn’t have kids.

Sometimes I think I secretly had them, just so I could justify turning my house into a total kiddie playground! I kid.

This rainbow has a large arch that is big enough for the littles to run through. Or, ya know, for me to duck and run through.

Courtesy of Target

Set up is so, incredibly easy. It has three separate chambers, with valves for air.

You can either blow it up with your mouth — it kinda takes a while — or you can get an air pump to fill it with ease. Pump is not included.

Courtesy of Target

It comes with ground spikes, so once you blow it all the way up, you just stick those spikes into the ground. They keep the rainbow from floating away.

Courtesy of Target

Once you hook up your garden house, water will spray out of one end, like a nice little waterfall that you can run through over and over.

Courtesy of Target

This Ginormous Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler is 68 inches tall, and 110 inches wide. It is made of strong vinyl, and weighs 23 pounds when deflated.

Courtesy of Target

Good things are waiting to be found at the end of the Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler from Sun Squad™. Send your gloomy lawn sprinkler back to the garage and amp up the fun with this colorful rainbow arch complete with clouds. Easy to inflate and deflate, it connects to a standard garden hose so you can set it up in a flash for hours of amusement — it’s a lot more fun than real rain!


This Rainbow Tunnel Sprinkler will run you about $100 which isn’t too bad considering all the fun you’ll get out of it this summer, right?

Courtesy of Target

Want something else that is TOTALLY fun, that can go in your homemade splash pad? You have GOT to check out this Wubble Bubble Ball. It’s bouncy, watery fun!

Courtesy of Amazon

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