Target Has A Rainbow Blobz Water Slide For The Most Fun In The Sun Ever and I Need It

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Y’all. This Rainbow Blobz Water Slide is the COOLEST outdoor, fun in the sun, bouncy water blob, EVER!

Courtesy of Target

I SO want it, and you will totally need it, too!

Courtesy of Target

This will make the PERFECT addition to my homemade, at-home splash pad, that already includes an inflatable rainbow tunnel and this inflatable horse carriage!

Courtesy of Target

The Rainbow Blobz Water Slide is so easy to set up. You just hook up your garden hose, and fill it up with water! It takes about 30 minutes to take it from flat to full.

It is incredibly durable! The weight limit is a whopping 566 pounds, so it can EASILY handle a bunch of bouncing littles.

The Sunsquad™ Rainbow Blobz Water-Filled Splash Pad is a unique play area that offers a cool surface for playing or lying on while enjoying a day under the sun. Simply fill the Blobz up with water through the nozzle on the top to create a fun, cool play surface. An internal chamber and beam keeps the Blobz stable. The Rainbow Blobz will keep your child entertained for hours!

Courtesy of Target

This bouncy, wobbly, water filled water slide is 9 feet long, and 6 feet wide, so there in PLENTY of room for water play!

Courtesy of Target

It is made of PVC, and even comes with a repair patch, ya know, just in case.

This Rainbow Blobz Water Slide is only $30, and you can get it right from the Target website.

Courtesy of Target

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  1. do the sprinklers have to be on or can you use it without?

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