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Can We Take A Moment To Appreciate The Dr. Squatch Super Bowl Commercial?

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Look, I am not even a man and I love Dr. Squatch commercials. They are so dang funny.

This year Dr. Squatch has a super bowl commercial and it is pure gold. Seriously, their marketing is brilliant.

The commercial starts by telling you that your soap is s**t which is probably true ha.

They go through all these scenarios as being a “man” and how you need a manly soap to help conquer it all.

Yes, even when your daughter braids your hair. Ha!

They just want to remind you that you’re not a dish and you deserve better soap and I mean, how can we argue with that?

If you want something entertaining and funny to watch, check out their commercial. I am off to order some of this soap for my husband because their marketing is just that good!

You can watch the Dr. Squatch Commercial Below.

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