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These Horror-Themed Wreaths Are The Perfect Way To Spook Up Your Home

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I think I just found the motherload of horror wreaths! These are the best ones I have come across so far and trust me, I have looked at a LOT. The detail that is put into these wreaths is worth every penny!


Just check out this Freddy Krueger wreath! The very essence of the haunter of our nightmares is captured in this wreath. This wreath measures approximately 26″ x 26″ x 6″ and is made on a wire frame.


This creepy Pennywise Halloween wreath will definitely great your visitors with a creepy vibe. It gives me the chills just looking at the image. This wreath is about 26″ in diameter.


I sent this wreath to my grown son for a joke to scare him. Sure enough he didn’t know package was coming, he didn’t know what was inside box. His wife said he jumped out of his pants when he opened and saw clown face looking back at him.

This wreath is very nicely made. My son will enjoy it for many years to come. High quality, would use seller again for sure.

grillogang  – Etsy Reviewer

I think I like the idea of keeping it old school with Jason from Friday the 13th. This wreath measures about 26″ x 26″ x 7″.

Friday the 13th was one of the first horror movies I ever watched. I remember laying halfway out of my bedroom door so I could see the television in the living room where my parents were watching it. I was such a sneaky kid!


You can find all of these great horror-themed wreaths from SouthernPWreaths on Etsy. She also has a ton more wreaths available that are all amazing.


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