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This Life Size Animated Beetlejuice Is The Perfect Way To Say ‘It’s Showtime’ For Halloween

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It’s showtime!! I am all up in my Halloween feels right now, and I simply can’t WAIT for October to roll around. When do YOU start decorating your house for all things fall and spooky?

This year is going to be ah-mazing in the decorating department, because you can get a LIFE SIZE Beetlejuice, and need him RIGHT NOW!! Where will I put him? WHO CARES!! It’s Beetlejuice!

Courtesy of Walmart

This Ghost With The Most is animated, y’all!! His head spins around, and he says quotes from the movie — which, if you haven’t seen, I’ll wait right here while you watch it!

Courtesy of Walmart

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice is voice and motion activated, so you can scare the life out of your friends and family when they come over for that Halloween fright night!

I, myself, am strange and unusual, so I prefer strange and unusual things. That’s why I’m so stoked for Halloween this year!! We could all use a little scary fun up in this Jumanji game that is 2020, right?

What a PERFECT way to celebrate the holiday. Gah! I love this Beetlejuice. Afterall, he lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that.

You have GOT to go to the Walmart website, and check out this most PERFECT Halloween masterpiece. He is absolutely spooktacular.

Courtesy of Walmart

This life sized Beetlejuice will run you $280, and it ships for — wait for it — FREE!! Dude, you can’t get better than that. Sign me up! Put him in my cart. Here’s all my money.

Courtesy of Walmart

When I say he is life sized, I mean he is LIFE SIZED. This Beetlejuice is over 6 feet tall, but weighs only 12 pounds. That means, you can easily move him around your house, to mess with the minds of your family.

It will be like a Halloween Elf on the Shelf. Ha!

Beetlejuice would go PERFECT with this crazy cool Beetlejuice inspired lamp! I want it so bad.

Omulamp – Etsy

If you simply need ALL the Beetlejuice things, on your next Starbucks run, you should totally pick up this Beetlejuice Frappuccino off the Starbucks Secret Menu. Yum!

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