This Mom’s Making Her Kids Earn Money To Pay For Screen Time and Snacks

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This mom is GENIUS!! She came up with a way for her kid to EARN snacks and fun, instead of just living like one of the Lord Of The Flies — like my kids. Ha!

Stephanie Craig is a mom who — like so many of us, now — works from home.

To keep her son entertained, and to earn him his fun and snacks, she came up with a creative way for him to earn “money.”

She then has a “store” that remains “open” during her work hours. This keeps the kid busy, while Stephanie is able to get her work done.

She is my new hero! Ha! So flipping creative, and fun for the kids.

So, her kid earns this “money” by doing chores: Clean Room, Clean Bathroom, Sweep, Laundry, etc.

He can also earn big bucks for getting in his daily exercise.

Then, Stephanie has stocked things in the “store,” like chips, popcorn, and cookies.

She also has a list of FUN activities in this “store,” like 30 minutes of TV.

Do you know how great this would be if I could implement it in my house?!?

I could work in peace, have my house taken care of, and the kids happy.

I mean, I know they would fight, argue, and whine about having to do the chores at first. But, I know them. They are competitive like me. Ha! They will FIGHT for that money in the end.

I applaud you, Stephanie! Way do be forward thinking, and making the best of a tough situation!

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