McDonald’s Released A New Frozen Hawaiian Punch and People Are Freaking Out

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It’s starting to warm up outside and if you’re looking for the perfect way to cool down, look no further!

McDonald’s released a new frozen Hawaiian Punch and people are truly freaking out over it.

Now, don’t be alarmed when you turn your tongue bright red and trust me, it will be entirely worth it.

The new frozen treat is described as:

Get a delicious McDonald’s Frozen Hawaiian Punch today. It’s the frozen drink bursting with over eight bold, tropical fruit flavors.

Did you see that?!

OVER 8 bold, tropical flavors – basically, it’s an explosion of flavor in your mouth and just in time for summer.

People online are so excited, they are asking if this is a real flavor being offered (and it is).


And in case you’re wondering, yes this is available now and you should be able to pick one up ASAP at your local McDonald’s.

I am seeing people online already post reviews and share their thoughts on the new frozen drink.


Sadly, I am not seeing it available on my McDonald’s app near me just yet but don’t worry, I am going to keep checking!

Rush into your local MCD’s to see if you can get this tasty red drink NOW. It should be priced at $1.80 for a medium.

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