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This Handle Can Turn Any Starbucks Cup Into a Stanley Dupe

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Let’s face it, you can never have too many tumblers.

I for one, have several different colors and designs which reminds me that I’m going to need, a bigger shelf soon!

Courtesy of Amazon

What’s simply a must-have, Etsy shop owner @3DNEPA created a product that lets you turn any Starbucks tumbler into a Stanley dupe!

Now how cool is that!

Courtesy of @3DNEPA

Aptly named the Tumbler Handle, this simple product does exactly what it says in the title.

What’s basically a handle that fits snug around the outer surface of your Starbucks tumbler, is designed to give your Starbucks cup the handle of a Stanley!

Courtesy of @3DNEPA

Consider your Starbucks tumbler a Stanley dupe in a matter of seconds!

Not to mention you now have a convenient handle for a better grip on your Starbucks cup!

Courtesy of @3DNEPA

And if you thought magic wasn’t real, today would be the day to change that opinion.

Available in nearly every color you can think of including pink, neon orange, green, and even teal, you can choose to make this handle match the color of your Starbucks tumbler, or not.

Courtesy of @3DNEPA

Better yet, not only can you choose from an array of colors, but each handle takes after the studded design that makes up many Starbucks tumblers.

You can currently find the studded Tumbler Handle on Etsy for just under $11 which is way cheaper than a Stanley!

Courtesy of @3DNEPA

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