Jason Momoa Wore A Tank Top At The Golden Globes And The Internet Can’t Deal

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Look, it’s no secret we’ve ALL seen Jason Momoa with his shirt off and if you haven’t, I am truly sorry (also, I’ll fix that for you below).

But aside from his ripped physic, he looks good in just about anything and everything he wears and this time, Jason Momoa Wore A Tank Top At The Golden Globes And The Internet Can’t Deal.

Actually, I can’t deal. I just love how he doesn’t give a F*** about what anyone thinks. He just does his thang and looks good doing it.

While Jason totally was spotted in the crowds wearing a black tank top, the reason is actually quite sweet.

You see, he showed up in a fancy blazer and slacks but his wife, Lisa Bonnet got cold during The Golden Globes so he did what a gentleman would do and offered her his blazer.


Lucky for us, it meant we got some super sweet pictures of his almost shirtless bod (once again) and for that, I’ll be forever grateful his wife was cold this one fine evening.

It looks like the internet is quite grateful too.

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