Mountain Dew Frostbite is Reportedly Being Released This Spring

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It looks like we might have the inside scoop on Mtn Dew’s reportedly soon-to-be released new flavor, Frost Bite.

Courtesy of Reddit/u/mtndewinsider

According to mtndewinsider on Reddit, it appears that it’s going to be an ELECTRIC BLUE concoction of crisp, cool beverage, like only the Dew can do.

How did mtndewinsider get this New Dew information? They apparently have an inside source that shared the information, and we are so glad they did!

Mountain Dew just keeps pumping out the good flavors!

They have brought us everything from a citrus punch flavor (Maui Burst) to a candy corn flavor (VooDew), and everything in between. We have even, as of last week, been privy to the information about the new Mtn Dew Zero, which is supposed to be just as good as original Mtn Dew!

Not a single new flavor pumped out by our FAVORITE soda company has been bad. They are all flavors that I have had to stock up on, because I know they aren’t flavors that are long for this world.

So, what do we know about this new flavor? It’s an electric blue color. That’s a good start. It has a hungry-looking shark on the bottle, and it is called Frost Bite (or Frostbite?).

Part of the insider information leaked said that this Frost Bite flavor will be exclusive to Walmart, and will come out in April of 2020. I’m clearing room on my soda shelf, now!

What about the flavor? Well, I’m not exactly sure. The blue color has me thinking Blue Raspberry, but they have totally fooled us in the past.

We know it will be sweet, and we know it will be good, obviously. But, we can’t pin down a flavor sensation. What are your thoughts?

Does the name Frost Bite mean that there will be a minty hint of flavor? Since it’s around Easter, will it have a jelly bean essence? Maybe it’s something different alltoghether.

I’m so ready to try this new mix! I crisp, cool beverage will be PERFECT as we head back into the hot months of the year.

I’m excited to see what they come out with!

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  1. I saw 12 packs of the FrostBite in Walmart today! I only buy 12 packs after I find a 20 oz bottle to try first though. I’ve been disappointed by some of the flavors and don’t want to be stuck with a bunch if I don’t like it